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Progressive Nation 2008 (Terminal 6 May 21-22) By admin On 2014-01-26

Dream Theater's "PROGRESSIVE NATION TOUR" includes the bands Opeth, Three and Between the Buried and Me. This inaugural tour of North America will take place during April and May.  Even though Dream Theater isn't at The Gigantour, I have the pleasure of witnessing a tour they resurrected themselves. Swedish Progressive Metal Icons 'Opeth' will be co-headlining.  I haven't seen Opeth in a few years and they always put on an amazing show. From what I've heard Dream Theater and Opeth will be both performing a 90 minute set, with Dream Theater on last. They are playing at Terminal 5 which is on 610 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019.  I've never been there and its very rare considering I've seen so many concerts in my life.  A show review will be up the night after the show Stay Tuned....

GIGANTOUR: Hammerstein Ballroom April 22-23 By admin On 2014-01-26
Featuring Megadeth, In Flames, Children of Bodom and Job for A Cowboy. This is the third year of The Gigantour, Dave Mustaine of Megadeth's heavy metal festival.  In my opinion nothing could quite beat the first years Gigantour lineup of Dream Theater, Nevermore and Fear Factory.
However, with the addition of Scandinavian metal acts like In Flames and Children of Bodom this years version is pretty close. Both of these bands have a huge U.S. following and have new albums coming out this month. In Flames new album is titledA Sense of Purpose and Bodom's is Blood Drunk both are powerful melodic metal.
I will be attending the first night's show and I can careless about the opening acts or even the headliner Megadeth. I'm there to see the Scandanavian power houses and I can't wait til they rock the Hammerstein Ballroom.
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