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Black Crowes WARPAINT Review By admin On 2014-01-26
Black Crowes
Waiting 7 years for a new album is never easy.  The follow up to their critically acclaimed album "Lions" definetly lives up to the expectations.  The Black Crowes prove they can still can write great music.  Warpaint brings blues, gospel, rock and elements of country to the table. Songs like "Wounded Bird" and "We Who See The Deep" bring solid rock/blues to your ears.  "There's Gold in Them Hills" and "Oh Josephine" create a doleful feeling that can only make you feel what Chris Robinson felt after his divorce to Kate Hudson. This is wonderful album that couldn't have come out at a better time.

 A must have for BlackCrowes fans. If your open to music that leaves you filled with mixed emotions this is a record to pick up

In Flames: A Sense Of Purpose Review By admin On 2014-01-26
 In Flames
A Sense Of Purpose
This album is a non-stop, in-your-face, action packed ride. In Flames comes with a full onslaught of endless melodic death metal. I thought the follow up to Come Clarity would be tough to create but In Flames proves me wrong. Drenched In Fear is so powerful I cant go a day without blasting it in my room. The track Sleepless Again tricks the listener to believe they are about to hear a ballad (with its acoustic intro) than out of no where dueling shredding guitars appear with un-relentless fury. For those of you who haven't heard of In Flames, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!! Pick this album up right now!

 Must have for the metal community.This album is a non-stop, in-your-face, action packed ride. In Flames comes with a full onslaught

Opeth: Watershed Review By admin On 2014-01-26
Opeth - Watershed
OPETH - Watershed
All thought the original band may not be intact Mikael Akerfeldt is still present creating a overall amazing album.Watershed starts off with a beautiful easy to listen track "Coil"; than without a warning the next two tracks are as heavy as any Opeth song. Although only having 7 tracks on the album, you can say you get your moneys worth with the length of each track. Mikael proves once again that progressive metal will never die!
 For the progressive metal fan who needs a little relaxation this summer!


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